At Personalized Health and Wellness, we do more than simply treat symptoms; we are equipped to assist in every aspect of your health and wellness.

In addition to performing an extensive list of procedures to help when something goes wrong, we’re here to help you keep things going right.

Hair Rejuvenation/Restoration:

Counseling & Education:

  • Birthing methods
  • Bio-Identical Pellet Therapy (Hormone Replacement/Supplementation
  • Contraceptive and birth control advice and counseling
  • Sexual dysfunction/low sex drive

Nutrition & Weight Loss Management:

  • Nutritional counseling
  • hCG diet shots for weight loss and energy
  • Weight loss counseling and weight management
  • Testimonial

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      • I immediately signed up and within a two-month period, I was thrilled at the remarkable results. Each time I comb my hair...

        —I Was Thrilled At The Remarkable Results

      • I noticed results within weeks (mainly reduction in hair loss). After 2 months, I started seeing...

        —I Noticed Results Within Weeks