Wellness Is More Than Just How Your Feeling

What does “wellness” imply to you? For some it could simply mean “not being sick.” However in truth, wellness is much even more than that. Your lifestyle and other factors, taken as a whole, can have a great impact on how healthy you are and basic wellness.

Your Life and Other Lifestyle Factors
Some usual aspects of day-to-day life can deplete the body of the nutrients it uses to operate appropriately, such as:

  • Drinking (liquor, caffeine-containing coffee/sodas)
  • Smoking (nicotine)
  • Medications (statin medicines, corticosteroids, diuretics)
  • Eating (processed food, improved carbohydrates)
  • Stress (work, family)
  • State of health (ailment, injury, digestive tract concerns, pregnancy)

These things can rob you of nutrients by:

  • Increasing your demand for certain nutrients
  • Triggering increased nutrient loss
  • Blocking the absorption of nutrients from food

In order to be well, it’s crucial to focus not simply on what you’re consuming, but to determine how you’re living.

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